Kidney stones are formed when hard deposites of mineral and acid salts stick together in concentrated urine. It generally happens due to drinking lesser liquids. In simple words it happens when deposits are not being FLUSHED out but instead get stuck together and form a solid mass called as stone. When this stone gets stuck in the urinary tract it causes great pain depending on its size.

Now once a stone is formed we can either still try and flush it out with excess liquids till it can pass thru the urinary tubes or take something that helps DISSOLVE the stone.

In URIMASS we have made syrup and capsules using herbs like Shatavari, Punarnava, Gokhru, Giloy Makoi and lots more, which help Increase urine out-put, decrease pain and help dissolving the Stone. With the benefit of Ancient Science and the technology of modern machinery we have launched Urimass in a kit form. Each Kit consists of two syrups and 30 capsules which last for 15 days. One kit can remove a stone as big as 5-7mm. bigger stones can be removed using more kits over a period of time.

SURGERY need not be the only way to get a kidney stone out. Ayurvedic Products like Urimass help in the natural way to get rid of the problem.