It’s a LIFESTYLE disease. It does NOT happen because of EATING excess sugars but because our bodies for whatever reasons CANNOT DIGEST these extra sugars which land up in our blood stream. To manage Diabetes, YES! We need to refrain from excess calories from sugars and fat … but moreso we need to boost our system to working right by exercises and eating right.

An Ayurvedic product made of all Natural Herbs acts as a catalyst in our system upkeeping. It strengthens our system from within enhancing its self abilities to start digesting the excess sugars.

In DIABMASS we have picked out all those herbs which help lower and maintain the blood sugars like Giloy, belpatra, Methi, Janum, Karela, Daalchinni, Ashwagandha and lots more.

Most of these herbs are known or heard of. We have incorporated them in syrups and capsules and made it easy and convenient to consume.

With the benefit of Ancient Science and the technology of modern machinery we have launched Diabmass in a kit form. Each Kit consists of two syrups and 30 capsules which last for 15 days. If taken regularly Diabmass helps increase energy and immunity and decrease blood sugars.

Diabetes may not be reversible but with proper diet and exercise backed by effective products like DIABMASS can definitely be regulated and maintained.