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Joint Boost

Boon for Joint Health

Improves Joint comfort & stiffness

Joint Boost oil Is ayurvedic herbal pain relieving oil prepared from different verbs, having distinctive properties to combat pain in several regions of the body including muscles, Knee, legs, neck, shoulders, joints and back. It is useful in providing relief from joint pains, Muscular Pains & Shoulder Pain

For corrective & preventive management of joints and muscular pain

Improves functional performance acts as muscle relaxant, relieves swelling & Inflammation of muscles & joints boosts body defence systems to maintain Joint health and mobility by modulating humeral.

Key Benefits

Joint Boost oil’s herbal Ingredients Provides relief from pain, swelling & Inflammation. Fortified with energizing , rejuvenating & adaptogenic phytoconstituents. An effective and support therapy for osteoarthrtis, rheumatoid arthritis & joint deterioration. Joint Boost oil promotes the antioxidant protection and maintains joint health, mobility and provides lasting relief. 

The active components of these herbs stimulate the blood circulation within the stiff muscles and they relieve the body ache, muscular pains, severe joint pain or swelling, joint aches and pains. linseed oil has rich source of healing compounds and capability to reduce inflammation in joints and muscles… the oils absorbed quickly.


Apply 2-3 times or as advised by the physician.

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