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Prostate Health Formula

Promotes Normal Urine Flow

PROSCARE helps In enlarged prostate (BPH) leads to urinary
disturbances like weak urine stream,difficulty in starting urination, dribblln at the end of urination, frequent or urgent need to urinate, frequency of urination at night, staining while urinating, not being able to completely empty the urinary bladder. PROSCARE capsules helps to reduce gland size. PROSCARE cap helps to improve nocturia or night time urination.

PROSCARE Provide a therapeutic remedy for urinary infections that is caused BPH or enlarged prostate.

Active Ingredients

Key Benefits

Reduces the size of prostate gland & promotes normal functioning fo the prostate gland. Thus, relieves associated symptoms of enlarged prostate like frequency of urine, pain with urination, hesitancy etc. Improves overall quality of life of BPH patients.


One capsule two times after meals or as advised by the physician.

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