We are what we eat… actually in todays scenario “we are what we DIGEST”

Whenever our bodies face war like situation to fight disease taking medicine is like calling an external Army help win the war … AYURVED is like training your OWN army and making it powerful enough to be able to fight any kind of enemy ANYTIME!!

Natural is Best… our bodies have been meticulously designed… but we have tortured and abused it so much that today it faces health issues. Along with Mending our lifestyles giving our bodies Natural elements in the form of ayurved will surely help.

Diabetes A LIFESTYLE DISEASE … never happens by Eating Sweet but because our body CANNOT digest that sweet. Make your internal system strong by giving it NATURAL ingredients like Methi, Jamun, Karela, Giloy etc.

Today most of us follow whats called the CONVENIENCE CULTURE. Even if the convenience comes with a high price … but AYURVED is like the NUTRITIONAL CONVENIENCE for your NUTRITIONAL INDECIPLINE.

In our homes we have a lot of KACHRA , so that attracts lots of flies, it produces lot of stink. If we just keep killing the flies without removing the kachra it DOESN’T help. We Have to throw the Kachra out, clean the home with soap, open the windows and automatically the flies, smell and stink all go… SIMILARLY … In Our bodies we have lots of toxins, that results in mutated cells, resulting in degeneration of health. Just taking curative medicine and targeting the symptoms of disease doesn’t help. We need to CHANGE the internal environment by exercise, deep breath, eating right etc. Ayurvedic products act like natural catalyst that hasten the cleansing process.

Our ancestors always ate timely, ate pure, ate all kinds of food, and led more healthy lives. They had pure Ghee but they had to walk kilometers to get that ghee. Their lifestyles included hard work especially on a physical level. These are the differences we need to bridge today.